Did you know that each country has its own sign language?

At this concert you will have the chance to see it for yourself. Several groups, both local as well as from other countries will be performing, using their local sign language.

We will also have other participants and a solidary raffle for you to enjoy.


The Liverpool Signing Choir

The Liverpool Signing Choir is a unique and inclusively diverse choir based in Liverpool. Our priority is to perform the beauty of British Sign Language through the universal media of music whilst encouraging social inclusion as ‘Our Voices are in Our Hands!’ 

Since launching in 2009 the choir has gone from strength to strength, having performed in various venues across the United Kingdom and Europe. In 2012 the choir were given the opportunity to perform at the Closing Ceremony of The London Olympic Game and the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

European Signing Choir

An inclusively diverse choir using the beauty of sign language through music to bring Deaf and Hearing communities together. 


The Cor de Llengua de Signes de Catalunya will be launched during this event! Don´t miss it

Good Vibes Choir

We are a choir based in the Clot neighborhood in Barcelona.

Our preferred styles are Gospel and modern pop songs, however we are able to surprise you with many different songs. We hope you will enjoy our energy and Good Vibes!

Solidary raffle

We've got many great prizes for you to win!

Mike Badger

Steve MacFarlane

And more...